Caulking nozzles from BlueTipTools

Probably Europe’s best caulking nozzles

  • BTT’s nozzles are longer than other caulking nozzles on the market, making it possible to reach previously hard to reach areas.
  • BTT’s nozzles are developed by the owner of a Danish caulking company, who has 25 years of experience in the construction industry.
  • BTT’s nozzles are produced in Denmark.


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BTT 201

BTT 201 is a long caulking nozzle with a large flange, and thus it can be combined directly with the H2-PS caulking gun.

One case contains 120 BTT 201

BlueTipTools Data sheet BTT 201_English

BTT 101

BTT 101 is a long caulking nozzle without a flange, and thus it can readily be combined with the H2-Gl caulking gun. With the use of an adapter, the nozzle can also be combined with the H2-PS caulking gun.

BlueTipTools Data sheet BTT 101_English

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