About us

BlueTipTools was founded in 2017 by the owner of the Danish caulking company Kvalifuge ApS, Kent Madsen.

Kent Madsen has 25 years of experience in the caulking field and for a long time, he has been frustrated that he could not find a caulking nozzle that met his and his employees’ wishes for the length, flexibility, and quality.

Kent Madsen started exploring the possibility of developing a caulking nozzle himself that could meet his high expectations and demands, and in 2017 he contacted a Danish plastic manufacturer. Over the following months, the plastic manufacturer helped Kent Madsen design different molds, and together they made numerous prototypes of caulking nozzles in various plastic compositions.

After a long test phase, done by Kent Madsen and his employees, the actual production of the caulking nozzles began in the summer of 2017. Since then, the reaction to the new nozzles has been very positive.

BlueTipTools’ mission is to provide the full range of caulking nozzles used in today’s construction industry, and thus the company continues to improve and develop new products.